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This is the most important part of our business.  We guarantee to get your treadmill up and running fast, with no fuss, should any issue arise. Because we are a direct importer, we stock all parts for all our treadmills and we do all our own repairs. When your treadmill is out of warranty we will always have parts for treadmills that were sold years ago. You are supported by us not a retailer, who buys from a wholesaler.  

Promotion Fitness will only ever charge wholesale prices for treadmill parts.  Should your warranty period have expired you will not be up for a huge bill when replacing parts.  90% of our treadmill sales and service comes from word of mouth ranging from satisfied customers to friends, family and work mates.  Rest assured we endeavour to offer the best sales and after service experience in the fitness industry.


​Promotion Fitness is a West Australian owned and operated importer, specialising in supplying quality treadmills to the treadmill market.

We source quality treadmills and import in bulk to save you $$$, with honest warranties and after sales service. 

​We are a well-established retailer in quality treadmills from one of the best treadmill manufacturers. If you are looking for a great deal on a new treadmill from a store that specialises in treadmills, then call Promotion Fitness, 

7 days a week on 08 9358 3334 or 1300 278 953. 


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