Setting up your treadmill in the correct way can stop issues from developing later.
Keeping your treadmill, fitness equipment in good working condition is accomplished by following a few simple steps. 

  • Read the fitness equipment instruction manual before assembly and use and make other users aware of the treadmills operation procedure 
  • When assembling be careful not to trap or cut wires, never force fitness equipment parts to fit and put away the hammer. If a part will not fit check for an obstruction and re -try. If bolts are hard to turn then you may have cross threaded the bolt, unscrew and try again. Always put the bolts in by hand to start thread and once all bolts are in , then tighten.
  • Make sure the treadmill is positioned on a flat level floor, this is critical for the fitness equipment to have a smooth operation. Inside floors are generally flat but be aware that most garage and patio floors slope and so you may have to adjust the feet otherwise the belt will always move to the fall side no matter how much you try to adjust the belt. 
  • Do not place the treadmills in a dusty workshop or workroom where other activities may cause an issue for the treadmill. 
  • IMPORTANT Never use extension cords, power boards, (they are not designed to power these types of fitness equipment). Always plug your treadmills directly into a unshared power point. This is one of the primary causes of treadmills failure. 
  • As with all fitness equipment allow sufficient room especially at the rear of the treadmills when placing it in your room in case you fall off the back, never back a treadmill up to a window/glass cabinet/mirror or anything that may injure you should you fall off. 
  • Attach the safety key to yourself, in case of a fall it will shut the treadmill down to prevent injury 
  • Keep your treadmills clean and free from dust, pet hair. This can get sucked into the motor and cause long term damage. 
  • When starting treadmills ALWAYS start with your feet on the side rails, press start and once the treadmills belt has started moving then step onto the deck. NEVER try to start a treadmill while you are standing on the belt 
  • It is best to clean your treadmill with a slightly damp microfibre cloth making sure the power cord is disconnected from the mains plug. Simply wipe down after use, do not use cleaning products or solvents and use a microfibre cloth when cleaning the console screen to avoid scratching the readout windows. Get the sweat off  the treadmill as the salt content can be very corrosive. 
  • IMPORTANT You should make sure the treadmills deck (under the belt) is regularly lubricated with a silicon spray/oil/wax as per manufacturers specification. If unsure which to use ask your treadmill seller. Always make sure the power is off before spraying silicon spray.

​Neglecting lubrication of the deck is the main cause of the treadmills lower control board and motor failure.

It is also a cause of treadmills deck breakage as the laminate heats up from the friction and weakens, breaking the board.

By failing to lubricate every month (depending on use) the treadmill belt wears at a rapid rate and then starts slipping, customers then tighten the belt excessively to stop this but after a few weeks the belt will stretch and slip again leading to the tightening of the belt again until so much tension is applied and the motor is under so much strain that it either overheats or the excessive current needed to keep the motor turning the overtightened belt damages the lower control board causing a failure.

Ask your fitness equipment retailer which silicon they prefer as they constantly test to find the best silicon for a particular machine, Promotion fitness equipment recommends to come into the store and we will supply the correct silicone spray or oil. 

  • Attach the safety key at all times to yourself. In case of a fall it will shut the machine down to prevent any injury 
  • Treadmills are an electrical item, don't place them in an area where they can come in contact with rain, moisture or fluids. 

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